Where can you buy certified lab grown diamonds?

11. January 2024

Lab grown diamonds have revolutionized the jewelry industry since they offer an eco-friendly and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. They have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds, but are created in a controlled laboratory environment using state-of-the-art technology. With the growing demand for sustainable and conflict-free gemstones, more and more customers are now turning to lab grown diamonds.

Wondering where to buy such diamonds? Take a look at our list of major retailers:

Brilliant Earth

Founded in 2005 by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, Brilliant Earth is a leading advocate and supplier of ethical and environmentally friendly diamonds. They specialize in conflict-free diamonds, which means that they offer both laboratory made and ethically mined stones while maintaining high ethical standards. The company focuses on fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally friendly practices.

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James Allen

James Allen is a major player in the diamond industry. Founded in 2006, the company offers a diverse range of ethically sourced diamonds. It has been praised for its innovative technology that allows customers to view 360-degree, high-resolution images of individual diamonds, thereby greatly enhancing the online shopping experience.

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Clean Origin

The third generation of Clean Origin’s owners have rethought the company’s 100-year-old strategy, moving away from mined diamonds and on to a greener and more sustainable path. Combining ethical innovation, the highest quality standards and highly specialized expertise, they design fine jewelry that is in line with the company’s values.

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KLENOTA is a well-known Czech jewelry brand that is renowned for its beautiful designs and emphasis on craftsmanship. KLENOTA specializes in fine jewelry, including engagement rings and earrings, focusing on timeless elegance and unique, handcrafted jewelry. Their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail sets them apart from the competition, offering customers a unique experience through their carefully curated collections. The Le Grand collection which focuses solely on lab grown diamonds showcases the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with technological advancements.


Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, VRAI has since expanded globally, including to Europe and China. As a leading online retailer of lab grown diamonds, VRAI ensures minimal environmental impact during production and compared to its competitors in the jewelry industry, its diamonds are of high quality.

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Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds offer both traditional mined diamonds as well as lab made alternatives. If you’re looking for timeless and responsibly sourced diamond jewelry, then this ethically minded jewelry company that continues to push boundaries in order to create a socially responsible diamond industry is a good choice.

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