Six stunning jewelry pieces with lab grown diamonds

21. June 2023


Jewelry lovers, rejoice! Lab grown diamonds have been gradually coming on to the market so your jewelry box can now sparkle even more than ever before. Lab grown diamonds are genuinely real diamonds which have been created in a controlled laboratory environment. Their price is significantly lower but they sparkle just like the mined ones. Why is that? You can read all about that in our previous article. But whether you’re looking for a glamorous pair of earrings, an elegant pendant or are looking around for an engagement ring, you’re sure to love the variety of jewelry available with lab grown diamonds as much as we do. Let’s take a look together at a roundup of six of the most beautiful jewelry pieces featuring lab grown diamonds.

Bracelet by Vrai & Oro

Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, VRAI has expanded all over the world, including Europe and China. The company has jewelry with man-made diamonds that they have grown in their lab all through their range. Their jewelry catches the eye at first glance with its unconventional designs and original gemstone cuts.

Ring by Brilliance

Over the past three decades, Brilliance has built a reputation as a market leader in the sale of diamonds and engagement rings and it also includes laboratory diamonds in its range. Their selling power lies in the fact that you can customize the ring to your liking – i.e. choose your diamond, the shape and type of gold. What do you think of this ring?

Elegant earrings from Clean Origin

The third generation of this jewelry making family rethought their 100-year-old strategy, moving away from mined diamonds and taking a greener and more sustainable path. In 2017, the Clean Origin brand was created, with only lab-created diamonds in their offering. The company’s goal is to lead the jewelry industry towards a brighter, sustainable future. With ethical innovation, the highest quality standards and highly specialized expertise, they design fine jewelry that is never out of step with the company’s values.

Necklace by MiaDonna

Anna-Mieke Anderson, a New Zealander who has been living in America for many years and who is the patron of The Green Diamond Project and founder of MiaDonna, was keen to bring a modern feminine touch to a male-dominated business. She founded a globally admired, ethically conscious jewelry company that continues to push boundaries and helps to create a socially responsible diamond industry. Now, couldn’t you just want to fall in love with this bezel necklace!

Diamond ring by KLENOTA

All the way in the Czech Republic, we’re not far behind either. The Prague-based jewelry studio KLENOTA has created a beautiful collection that combines traditional craftsmanship with technological advancements. Their lux gold rings are decorated with distinctive lab grown diamonds cut into unusual shapes. The collection showcases timeless, glamorous designs with a modern twist.

Collier necklace by Pandora

And let’s not forget about Pandora. In 2021, this global giant of jewelry making announced that it would stop selling mined diamonds and switch entirely to lab-created ones. But not keen to stop there, in a further push towards environmental sustainability Pandora also announced that its lab grown diamonds would be made using only renewable energy. And showing the world that actions speak louder than words, last year the company followed up its announcement with the launch of a new collection that exclusively features only lab grown diamonds. What do you think of this collier necklace?  

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