lab grown coloured diamonds laboratory

Discover the world of colored lab diamonds

26. July 2023

lab grown coloured diamonds laboratory

In recent years, lab created diamonds have become a viable alternative to traditional natural diamonds. They are more cost effective but just as durable and beautiful as traditional diamonds. They have also become very popular, especially with couples who are looking to get married and who want to save a bit of money given the high costs associated with weddings. Technological advances have now revolutionized the jewelry industry and given rise to an exciting alternative to classic white diamonds. So let’s dive into the world of colored lab grown diamonds and discover the secrets of their magic.

The facts about colored lab-grown diamonds

Lab grown colored diamonds are the result of controlled scientific processes that replicate the power of nature – that is, the mined diamonds we are familiar with. As a result of high pressure and temperatures, as well as the introduction of trace elements such as boron or nitrogen, scientists are able to affect the growth of the diamonds and what’s more, to influence their color – from warm, earthy tones through vivid and vibrant colors. Could you see yourself wearing a captivating green diamond, or being drawn to the beauty of a soft pink one? If you prefer a bolder spectrum of colors, what about a fiery orange one that radiates warmth and energy. The possibilities are endless, so you’d be sure to find one that speaks to your unique style and personality.

Why choose colored laboratory diamonds?

  1. They are ethical and sustainable: One of the most significant advantages of colored diamonds is the fact that they are ethical and sustainable. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown gemstones are not associated with hazardous working conditions or environmental damage. They are an eco-friendly option for those who value sustainability.
  2. Their uniqueness and diversity: The very controlled diamond manufacturing process makes it possible to create an unlimited range of radiant colors that are difficult to find in natural diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a striking blue or a captivating pink diamond, you’re sure to find the right one.
  3. Their affordable price without any compromises: Lab grown diamonds are an affordable alternative to natural, colored diamonds for those who appreciate exceptional quality. You can often buy these gems at significantly lower prices.

How to find out their true origin?

  1. Their gemological characteristics. Professional gemologists use a variety of technological tools to identify diamonds grown in laboratories. They utilize the diamond’s characteristic features such as fluorescence, their growth patterns and inclusions to do this. These experts can verify the origin of the diamond and confirm whether it was created in a laboratory or found naturally.
  2. Certification: Reputable diamond grading laboratories including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) issue reliable certificates that provide vital information about the origin and authenticity of diamonds and enable buyers to make informed decisions.

Buy a rare gemstone for your collection

Colorful lab diamonds suit any jewelry – from engagement rings, earrings to bracelets. By owning lab diamond jewelry, you will not only look radiant on any occasion but you’ll also be true to your ecological beliefs and you’ll express your support for ethical practices, all of which will no doubt make you feel great.

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