Diamonds of laboratory origin are genuine diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have identical physical and optical properties to natural diamonds. They are equally beautiful, durable and excel in high clarity. And each one is an original.

Why choose
lab grown diamonds?

Gentle production

They are a responsible choice – thanks to the production in the lab, no diamonds are mined.

Same quality

They have exactly the same
chemical and physical composition.

Better price

In comparable size and quality are
more cost-effective than natural diamonds.

Benefits of
laboratory diamonds

Lab grown diamond is a real gem. It is formed under the same temperature and pressure conditions as natural diamond and thus achieves an identical composition. Thanks to a very strictly controlled and monitored production process, it often achieves much better quality. 

What are the other benefits?

Perfect purity and internal structure at a good price

Much shorter laboratory synthesis process compared to natural formation

Less defects = much more diamonds for sale

Wide colour availability – unique and desirable colours rarely found in nature

Ecology and provenance – environmentally friendly and traceable source of diamond origin

Sustainable manufacturing process using gas atom layering (CVD method)

Prsten ze žlutého zlata s laboratorními diamanty

How are lab grown diamonds produced?

Diamonds created in the lab are made using a process called CVD (chemical vapour deposition). In this process, a small germ crystal is placed in a sealed chamber and a combination of carbon- and hydrogen-rich gases is then heated at high temperatures and broken down into its individual atomic components. Under intense heat and pressure, the carbon atoms then attach to the surface of the aforementioned germ crystal, forming a layer of pure crystalline diamond. This process is repeated several times, layer by layer, until a full diamond is formed.

Another less used and less costly method is High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT).

Shapes and cuts of lab-grown diamonds

Do you know all the laboratory diamond cuts?















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